Reducing workplace noise for a better work environment.

We offer a wide range of commercial soundproofing solutions throughout the UK

Improving your work environment

Our primary mission is to deliver to you the soundproofing solution that best fits your needs and budget.

Whether it is sound masking, soundproofing or sound absorption, we make sure you end up with the highest quality solution to meet your budget.

  • Confidential meetings rooms
  • Privacy on your phone calls
  • Factory noise solutions
  • Reverberation and echo control
  • Industrial sound booths
  • Sound masking

The office sound proofing solutions

we can provide your business

Sound Proofing

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Working with the most reputable manufacturers within the acoustics industry. We use the most advance soundproofing systems on the market today

Installing soundproofing systems to give you more privacy on your phone calls, more clarity on your conference calls and giving your clients more confidentiality

Meeting room confidentiality

We believe that treating your noisy office problem should be seen as an opportunity to increase the performance of your business. We assess, design, and install using the latest tried and tested products on the market today.

Office soundproofing install soundproofing for office ceilings, office walls, office floors, acoustic doors, acoustic glass, windows and glass enclosures, soundproof partitioning and reverberation and echo treatment.

Reverberation & Echo Solutions

Most offices normally have a large number of hard surfaces which create reverberation. This reverberation is usually associated with echoes. The reverberation within a room can adversely affect learning, understanding and concentration. Office Soundproofing installs visually pleasing high performance acoustic panels designed to match your office interiors and reduce reverberation.

An office treated with the right sound absorption products can give clarity to any noise transmission, conversation or presentation. A well-treated room not only gives a professional finish but also provides a pleasant working environment, keeping stress levels down and productivity up.

Acoustic Glass

Stylish acoustic glass solutions will provide effective noise barriers deflecting sound ensuring privacy and confidentially. We design and install glass enclosures with an acoustic performance of up to 40 Rw dB.

Sound Masking

Perfect For: Offices | Factories |

Speech privacy for noisy office environments and solutions for open plan offices, re-usable and re-locatable sound control solutions with structured payment options

What is sound masking? our sound masking system consists of sound generated electronically and transmitted into office space through loud speakers; raising the background noise with a mixture of frequencies in order to mask conversations and other unwanted noise.

Do your clients need more confidentiality?

Do you want a quick clean installation with very little disruption?

No major alterations to your building or premises!

Sound masking can be installed to open plan offices

Sound masking is a noise solution investment your business can take with it if you were to move premises

More and more businesses are using sound masking as the preferred solution to speech privacy

With overnight installations and possible leasing options it is one of the most cost effective solutions to controlling speech privacy within your office.

Sound masking is by no means a new concept but with over 80% of businesses now set up with a modern open plan office; sound masking, sound conditioning or white noise systems are becoming an effective alternative investment to office soundproofing.

With our background as a soundproofing company we have extensive knowledge and experience of the way sound travels through a building. Sound masking is the only acoustic solution that guarantees to treat all sound paths.

The installation of sound masking has become so essential that some organisations insist on our products being installed into every one of their offices before they move in.

Overnight installations available

Give us a call today: 01926 658 638 or request a call back….you could be one phone call away from solving your noise problem.

Sound Booths

Perfect For: Offices | Factories |

Bespoke made to measure practice rooms, vocal booths, and industrial noise solutions; with affordable payment structures.

Bespoke made to measure sound booths, practice rooms, vocal booths, and industrial noise solutions for offices, factories, schools, colleges, universities and music academies

Affordable modular self-contained booths for laboratory testing, rehearsal and recording.  Sound booths can be manufactured to any shape and size for any purpose.

Do you have excessive factory noise?

Many employees in Great Britain are exposed to harmful noise levels at work.

Is your work place meeting the regulations of health & safety at work?

Our bespoke sound booths come with a choice of almost any size and shape. Whether it is vocal booths for voice over recording, full isolated test laboratories, or factory operations offices overlooking the factory floor. We design and install isolation booths to suit your requirements.

Portability: The booths are an investment that can be dismantled and moved around the university, college, factory floor, workplace or between premises.

All booths are designed and manufactured to meet your project requirements, company specifications and comply with the latest ISO standards.

You can have peace and quiet and a more productive work invironment.

Here's how it works...

1. We Talk

Book a free no-obligation phone consultation with one of our soundproofing experts and tell us about the unwanted noise in your workplace.

2. We Find The Cause

We'll visit you and perform a survey to discover the main issues causing your noise problems. Once we know the problem we'll be able to offer the perfect solution for your office and budget.

3. We provide The Solution

Once we've agreed on the solution with you we will agree a date to come and install the soundproofing solution in your office giving you the peace and quite you deserve.

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Case Studies

how we help...

Factory Noise Control

Morgan Office Furniture (MOF) are based in Essex and manufacture high quality bespoke office furniture to blue chip companies around the world including: BP, RBS and Centrica to name a few. MOF contacted Office Soundproofing to help them with excessive factory noise entering their factory canteen area and also barrier noise transmitting from their factory floor to one of their offices nearest the factory. A site visit was conducted and all the required measurements were obtained by our acoustic engineer. Office Soundproofing designed and installed an acoustic floating wall system to barrier factory noise entering the main office area. We also installed new acoustic doors and a ceiling system to the canteen area.

A few of the companies we've helped to reduce unwanted noise

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