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Soundproofing doors at BUNN® UK Head Quarters

One of our recent case studies was for BUNN®UK Head Quarters in Solihull. BUNN® are a worldwide manufacturer of dispensed beverage equipment and supply many of the most well know coffee shops across the world.


Office Soundproofing was asked by BUNN® to reduce the noise entering the main office area from the lavatories. Toilet noise is a common soundproofing enquiry we receive from many commercial offices across the UK. The lightweight construction of most modern office interiors does not incorporate soundproofing insulation. Sound will transmit along walls, through lightweight doors and uninsulated suspended ceiling voids will allow noise to travel across the entire office. This is mainly because of cost effective traditional building techniques that do not take into consideration the way sound travels.

At BUNN®UK HQ the solution was to soundproof the noise at source

After a thorough investigation of the problem and a few acoustic tests, it was clear that as well as the walls, the doors would also need upgrading to soundproofing doors. The walls were light weight gypsum based walls and the original doors allowed too much noise to escape into the reception area.

Soundproofing doorThe solution was fairly straight forward with the installation of our 50mm office panel system and two new soundproof doors installed in the reception area, treating the noise problem at source. This minimised the disruption to the main office area and this also saved money as we soundproofed a smaller area. We also treated the conflicting doors with new 64mm thick, 44dBRw acoustic soundproof doors. The main flanking walls were also treated too, in order to reduce vibration down the walls into the main office. Each new soundproofing door required the existing frame removed and a new high spec frame with acoustic seals installed.

Office Soundproofing carried out the complete service for BUNNâ including all the wet plastering, plumbing, painting and decorating. We took colour samples of the existing interior and had paint mixed to match the colour exactly. As well as completing a high quality finish to the interior, the toilet noise was completely eradicated! A massive improvement to the working environment: “thanks for a job well done” Director Technical Services EMEA International BUNN®

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Office Soundproofing

Office soundproofing – The Installers View

One of the most common office soundproofing enquiries we receive is ‘a noisy office environment’. The problem is the noise transfer between rooms, for example a conference room that is partitioned off from the main office floor but still incorporates the main office suspended ceiling.

Clients struggling to cope with the noise; entering and leaving a conference room making presentations, confidential meetings and video conferencing difficult and unprofessional.

Office Soundproofing

Office soundproofing with noise transfer over thin partitions

Although the majority of suspended ceilings we investigate already have a basic insulation; the insulation is normally not dense enough and offers no sound absorption and does very little to barrier the noise transfer between rooms. Some of the soundproofing enquiries we receive come from accountancy firms where client confidentiality is very important, it is not very professional if the confidential meetings are not really confidential!

Large boardrooms with dividing bi-folding doors are also another common enquiry, although it appears to be the doors that are letting the sound through, the problem is most commonly noise transferring over the bi-folding doors through the suspended ceiling system. It can usually be treated quite quickly with minimal disruption.

Suspended ceilings were originally designed for aesthetic reasons and to provide easy access for repairs and inspection to the air ducting, lighting, sprinkler systems and these days communication cabling, all installed in the void above the suspended ceiling tiles.

Although the acoustic performance of particular ceiling tiles has dramatically improved over the years, they are unfortunately not so good at blocking sound or tackling the noise transfer between rooms.

There are many solutions to meet all budgets and every project is different, however,  most cases require us to treat the ceiling and occasionally fit a new door.

Our ceiling products are designed to both absorb sound within a room and reflect sound back into the room. We will install sound proofing insulation designed for suspended ceilings to reduce room to room sound transfer of noise.

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