Reducing workplace noise for a better work environment.

We believe that treating your noisy office problem should be seen as an opportunity to increase the performance of your business. We assess, design, and install using the latest tried and tested products on the market today.Office Soundproofing

Office soundproofing install soundproofing for office ceilings, office walls, office floors, acoustic doors, acoustic glass, windows and glass enclosures, soundproof partitioning and reverberation and echo treatment.

Meeting room confidentiality

Installing soundproofing systems to give you more privacy on your phone calls, more clarity on your conference calls and giving your clients more confidentiality

Reverberation & Echo Solutions

Most offices normally have a large number of hard surfaces which create reverberation. This reverberation is usually associated with echoes. The reverberation within a room can adversely affect learning, understanding and concentration. Office Soundproofing installs visually pleasing high performance acoustic panels designed to match your office interiors and reduce reverberation.

An office treated with the right sound absorption products can give clarity to any noise transmission, conversation or presentation. A well-treated room not only gives a professional finish but also provides a pleasant working environment, keeping stress levels down and productivity up.

Acoustic Glass

sc4Stylish acoustic glass solutions will provide effective noise barriers deflecting sound ensuring privacy and confidentially. We design and install glass enclosures with an acoustic performance of up to 40 Rw dB.

Industrial Soundproofing Solutions

We have recently worked for Jaguar Land Rover offering solutions for their noisy office environment

Office Soundproofing helped JLR find solutions to their excessive noisein their press shop offices at Halewood. See our isolation booths

Factory Noise Control

morganMorgan Office Furniture (MOF) are based in Essex and manufacture high quality bespoke office furniture to blue chip companies around the world including: BP, RBS and Centrica to name a few. MOF contacted Office Soundproofing to help them with excessive factory noise entering their factory canteen area and also barrier noise transmitting from their factory floor to one of their offices nearest the factory. A site visit was conducted and all the required measurements were obtained by our acoustic engineer. Office Soundproofing designed and installed an acoustic floating wall system to barrier factory noise entering the main office area. We also installed new acoustic doors and a ceiling system to the canteen area.

Office Absorption

Office Soundproofing installed Sonata Vario high performance acoustic panels to the Box-it reception area. Office Soundproofing were approached by Box-it because one of their reception areas was suffering from reverberation, the poor acoustics within the reception area made even telephone conversations difficult.  The receptionists then naturally raised their the volume of their voice over one another in order to be heard. The noise level then filtered out into the main open plan office affecting the working environment and causing distraction to other colleagues.

The client wanted a solution to reduce the noise from the reception area entering the main open plan office but still keep the reception area open and accessible without doors. The client requested minimal change to the structure or office layout.

The solution was the installation of high performance acoustic foam.Box-it logo

After understanding the client’s noise problem, a site visit was carried out with all the relevant measurements and data collected. The reverberation time in the reception area was calculated and Office Soundproofing set out the design of the sound absorption panels within the reception area. The client opted for the suspended Sonata Vario high performance acoustic panels.

After a quick clean installation Office Soundproofing managed to reduce the noise leaving the reception area, minimizing the distraction from loud telephone conversations leaving the reception area.  This was done with no change to the open plan office working environment, still leaving the reception area open and accessible via the open plan office.

Do you want a solution that can be installed over night? …..Then you need Sound Masking!