Minimizing disruption, maximizing productivity by increasing speech privacy.

What is sound masking? our sound masking system consists of sound generated electronically and transmitted into office space through loud speakers; raising the background noise with a mixture of frequencies in order to mask conversations and other unwanted noise.

dreamstime_s_4468571Do you want more privacy on your telephone conversations?

Do your clients need more confidentiality?

Do you want a quick clean installation with very little disruption?

No major alterations to your building or premises!

Sound masking can be installed to open plan offices

Sound masking is a noise solution investment your business can take with it if you were to move premises

More and more businesses are using sound masking as the preferred solution to speech privacy

With overnight installations and possible leasing options it is one of the most cost effective solutions to controlling speech privacy within your office. Give Office Soundproofing a call today: 01926 734 413 or request a call back….you could be one phone call away from solving your noise problem.

Sound masking is by no means a new concept but with over 80% of businesses now set up with a modern open plan office; sound masking, sound conditioning or white noise systems are becoming an effective alternative investment to office soundproofing.

With our background as a soundproofing company we have extensive knowledge and experience of the way sound travels through a building. Sound masking is the only acoustic solution that guarantees to treat all sound paths.

The installation of sound masking has become so essential that some organisations insist on our products being installed into every one of their offices before they move in.


Q: What does it sound like?
A: Many clients describe it as ‘soft airflow’ however, after an installation, all clients do not realise it has been installed….until we switch it off!

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Q: How does it work?
A: By raising the ambient background noise level through the installation of loud speakers concealed within ceiling voids. Control of the speaker system by a Central Control Unit allows the client to adjust the frequency.

Still not clear on sound masking give us a call we would be happy to go through your noise problem and send you more information. Request a demonstration in you office today. 

Office Soundproofing offer options of affordable payment structures with all sound masking equipment; this allows our clients to spread payments over a period of up to 4 years.

We are partnered with a manufacturer in the UK serving some of the top blue chip companies in the UK such as Coca Cola, O2, Vodafone and Barclay’s to name a few.  A full client list is made available with every quotation.